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Posted on Tuesday, 06 November 2012 by admin in Ultraframe

  • Strength“ULTRAFRAME”® is made from RHS - Rectangular Hollow Section. This is structural steel and is much stronger than C Section.
  • Safety“ULTRAFRAME”® Pre Fabricated frame has no sharp edges like all C Sections have. This is particularly important if you have children running in and out of your shed and for barns used for horses or livestock.
  • Columns and Rafters: An “ULTRAFRAME”® Pre Fabricated shed will be the envy of your friends and neighbours who have a C Section shed. With smooth fully enclosed RHS columns your shed will look much better and much stronger. If you have a Garaport, Carport, Breezeway or Beachcomber which all have exposed external columns and rafters RHS is the perfect finish again making your building look the part and no safety issues with sharp edges. Most of our competitors may offer RHS columns as an extra. With Pacific Building “ULTRAFRAME”® Pre Fabricated frame this is standard.
  • “ULTRAFRAME”® Pre Fabricated sheds do not have ugly Apex and Knee Braces. If your shed is being used for storage then you will lose up to one third of your wall space with knee braces causing obstruction.
  • Versatility: Being made from RHS gives you the added ability to add welds to your “ULTRAFRAME”®. Manufacturers recommend that you do NOT weld C Section zinc light weight steel.

You can buy an “ULTRAFRAME”® shed from Pacific Building in most instances for the same price as a C Section Shed!

Why Compromise ??? Why would you buy a shed made of anything else ???



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