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C Section Shed“ULTRAFRAME”® Pre Fabricated Shed
  • Columns
  • Rafters
  • End Wall Mullions
  • LH Haunch Brackets
  • RH Haunch Bracket
  • Apex Brackets
  • Eave Purlin brackets
  • End Girt Brackets
  • Knee Brace
  • Apex Braces
  • Base Cleats
  • Columns
  • Rafters
  • End Wall Mullions

C Section frames generally have 5 times more parts & 5 times more fasteners than an “ULTRAFRAME”® Pre Fabricated RHS shed.

Once you have figured out what all of the parts are for & where they are to be attached it will take you an hour or 3 to bolt all of your brackets and cleats to the shed frame and then bolt the frame together.

This is just for a small shed. If you are building a barn or large shed then it could take you a day or two to bolt all frames together & cut in apex & knee braces.

In fact with some very large sheds knee braces and apex braces alone will take a day or two to cut in, drill bolt holes and attach to frame.

These are the ONLY parts you require for your“ULTRAFRAME”® Pre Fabricated shed frame.

ALL brackets & cleats are welded to the “ULTRAFRAME”®.

You do not have to do ANY of the above!

Simply start erecting your “ULTRAFRAME”® Pre Fabricated shed immediately.

Measure & Placement

C Section Shed“ULTRAFRAME”® Pre Fabricated Shed

To start erecting your shed you will need to bolt base cleats to slab.

With C Section shed you will need to measure the distance from the edge of the slab to the position of the brackets which are offset by the width of the side girts!

Then you measure the centres from end to end by the sheds bay size. Confused?

Simply measure end to end your bay sizes - if 9m long you need to mark our 3m centres for each 3m bay on both sides.

Then simply place the edge of the base cleat which is welded to the column at the edge of the slab.

Drill holes and bolt down.

Standing Frame

With both C Section and “ULTRAFRAME”® sheds you can stand columns first and then bolt rafters to columns or bolt entire frame together on the ground before standing.

With “ULTRAFRAME”® both options are much easier as you have a structural steel rigid frame.



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